Our Business Is Keeping Yours Healthy

The health of your business depends upon the health of your employees. Maintaining productivity and managing growth require that your employees are on the job and functioning at their peak. But with the spiraling costs of health care and employee absenteeism, that isn't easy.

MedWorks in Templeton is a fully integrated occupational healthcare facility that works in coordination with employers to control the high costs of workers' compensation & medical services. MedWorks provides high quality medical care in a timely fashion, and stresses communication with employers to keep them informed and facilitate the fastest recovery from work related injuries and illnesses.

We feature a multifaceted program that handles work related injuries and helps you assess and plan for safety in the work environment. We provide a full spectrum of employer health services that alleviate the burden of dealing with occupational health issues.

Our philosophy at MedWorks is to provide "A standard of excellence that includes high quality care, timely treatment, efficient reporting and a service oriented approach."

It's a program that both you and your employees can feel good about. And when employees believe their employer really cares about their health, the results are reduced lost work time for work related injuries. After all, isn't that your bottom line?

What makes MedWorks different?
  • Superior clinical staff with vast occupational medicine expertise
  • Experience with local employers in designing programs that work
  • Availability of afull spectrum of health care services
  • Comprehensive & thorough case management services
  • Extended hours with highly-trained physicians
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