MedWorks is designed to specifically address your organization's need for prompt, efficient management of information and complete, timely communication. We maintain ongoing communication with the employer regarding each individual employee and are always available to respond to your questions or concerns.

In addition, we're dedicated to providing your business with immediate and easy access to the right information. MedWorks features a state-of-the-art information management system developed specifically for occupational medicine, which manages and tracks all aspects of care.

Case Management Services Include:
  • Responsive, timely injury management
  • Ongoing communication between our case manager and the employer regarding the employee's medical and work status
  • Physician follow-up with employer after the employee is first treated
  • Prompt filing of Doctor's First Report of Injury
  • Monitoring of employee compliance with treatment plans and follow-up visits
  • Information management of all aspects of care, including billing
  • Timely, easy to understand reports
  • Tracking and analysis of injuries to monitor trends in your business
  • Data analysis to reduce the number of work injuries, lost days, & associated dollars
  • Facilitate communication between the employee, employer representative & the medical provider.
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