All occupational health services, including those provided after hours are based on a standard pricing structure - The Calfornia Worker 's Compensation Fee Schedule. The unit price for our services is consistent with other occupational medicine providers - it is not based on routine hospital charges. In addition, we will consolidate the bill for you.

Our efficient case management program allows us to control the TOTAL cost of medical care. This, combined with reduced lost time, directly impacts your indemnity costs. By assisting you in limiting workers' compensation claims, you are able to minimize your losses-which may result in lower premium costs to you.

Here's Some Examples of How We Save You Money...
  • We handle all complex communication and authorization to keep the patient moving toward earlier treatment and a positive outcome (no one gets lost or delayed!)
  • We are sensitive to Workers' compensation laws including the "3-day rule'' and will work aggressively to avoid lost time injuries and indemnity claims.
  • We facilitate modified duty placement, keeping your employee continuously on the job - there is no "psychological" break from the routine of going to work.
  • When lost time is unavoidable, cases are monitored to ensure prompt recovery and return to duty as quickly as possible.
  • 0ur effective case management leads to judicious utilization of expensive diagnostic treatments and procedures-no unnecessary test or work is done.
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